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Be Prepared for the Winter Weather

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Be Prepared for the Winter Weather

With all the recent talk of global warming, you could be forgiven for thinking snowy, icy winters are a thing of the past. But we all know from experience that when you ignore the possibility of harsh winter weather, you do so at your peril.

At Lothian Building Supplies our priority is happy, safe customers, and for that reason, we make it our business to have everything you need in store for winter maintenance. The good news is that being prepared for the winter weather won’t turn into a marathon task if you have the right partner on your side.

Here are the things we think you should prioritise to make sure you’re ready for your winter maintenance:

1. Get yourself kitted out

When it comes to working outside in the cold, it’s essential to get yourself properly kitted out and wrapped up. Otherwise, colds, flu and even worse could become your problem. The bottom line is that you need a warm coat, preferably waterproof trousers, good boots, a hat, and a way of keeping your hands and feet warm.

Cosy gloves and socks are something many people forget about, and that’s why this winter we’ve stocked up on both. These thermal, latex coated work gloves will protect your hands from the cold and at the same time let you get a grip of the task in hand. And at under £6, they’re an exceptionally good buy. Check them out for yourself.

When it comes to your feet, these JCB Work Socks will keep your toes as warm as toast. Having a couple of pairs in stock for the really cold days is a smart way to stay cosy.

2. Attack any leaks as a priority

Preventative winter maintenance is THE smart solution. So, if you haven’t already done so, make sure that your home is watertight and not at risk from infiltration that can run riot when harsh frosts come. Once again, we can help.

Check out this Flashing Tape, which is a strong self-adhesive flashing tape comprising of an aluminium foil and a bitumen rubber adhesive to form a strong waterproof seal where it’s needed. And this Roof and Gutter Sealant, a premium quality butyl-based sealant and adhesive that provides instant, permanent weather-proofing to a wide variety of roofing applications.

We also have these really smart winter maintenance products in stock to help you:

  1. Wintamix, a chloride free, double action liquid frostproofer and air entraining mortar admixture for use throughout the winter period, and in sub-zero temperatures.
  2. And this Cromapol glass fibre liquid roof coating, which provides instant repairs and waterproofing for a wide range of applications in exposed conditions so you stay ahead of the game.

3. Keep your paths and driveways ice free zones

And finally, when it comes to keeping your paths, pavements and driveways ice and snow-free, check out our rock salt, grit salt bin and snow shovel – they really are at the core of your winter maintenance essentials. Top Tip – buy more rocksalt than you think you’ll need so you don’t get caught out by any shortages.

Now, all you need to do is grab a cup of tea or coffee and shop your winter maintenance list online. And don’t forget to get your order in while you can still take advantage of our 10% discount – simply apply GIVEME10 at the checkout.

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