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Are Velux Windows Really Worth Installing?

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Are Velux Windows Really Worth Installing?

Are you looking to renovate a room, increase your living space by extending up into your loft or by building an extension? More and more people are finding that extending their home by renovating or converting an existing space makes more sense than moving when they run short of space.

One of the questions that regularly comes up when people are extending their living space is whether Velux windows are really worth installing. At Lothian Building Supplies, we are big fans of Velux windows - not just because we supply them - but because we believe they can be game-changers in interiors.

Here's why:

  1. They help fill your space with natural light. No matter whether you're improving a room in your home, adding a room or extending into your attic space, the introduction of more natural light is a real bonus. There are more and more studies these days that show that we all get a boost from natural light, and Velux windows are one of the best ways of flooding your room with light.

  2. They allow you to let air into your room. Ventilation is key to keeping your indoor space healthy, and Velux windows are a great way to control the amount of air you allow into your room.

  3. They're energy efficient. Velux windows have airtight seals, which means they reduce drafts and help keep your house warm. There are also insulated options which provide even more energy efficiency when it comes to heat loss.

  4. They're great to look at. No matter what the weather, you can be sure that Velux windows frame it perfectly. Irrespective of whether you prefer a sunny or a stormy sky, your Velux windows will give you a bird's eye view of it - and you can always dress them up with blinds or shutters if you prefer to block out the light or the weather from time to time.

  5. They enable you to bring the outside in. When you choose to install Velux windows, you get a real feeling of being closer to nature. You get a feeling of being surrounded by light because it's coming from overhead, rather than having it on one side or another, as well as a feeling of space and proximity to the outdoors.

  6. They give you smart options to get connected. With electric and solar powered Velux windows you can open and close your window at the touch of a button. And there are even smart options that allow you to control windows and blinds remotely from an app on your phone.

  7. You can accessorise them to add a real focal point to your room. Velux windows come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, and for each there's a corresponding blind or shutter option. No matter whether you want to block out light completely or just create a softer light option, you can.

  8. You can select from a huge choice. Irrespective of your project, there's a Velux window to suit. When you choose Velux windows, it's you who chooses the type, size, glazing, finish and control mode. You can even choose options that reduce noise. What this means is that when you choose Velux, it's you who calls the shots.

  9. They're easy to install and look after. One of the things that surprises people about Velux windows is that they can be fitted from the inside, so there's no need for roof access and expensive scaffolding. They also require minimal maintenance, which is great news.

  10. They could enhance the value of your property. Most of us are on the lookout for homes that are flooded with natural light these days. Whether it's enormous, glazed doors that give on to your outside space or cleverly positioned Velux windows, you can be sure that a home that's light, bright and airy will stand out from the competition when it comes to selling.

Check out our Velux windows for yourself and get your order in - right here, right now - to benefit from our 10% discount offer.

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